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How much more vibrant must the world be from a child’s view #sunset #reflection
Melbourne by night #winter #lights #mytown
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Last night… #sunset #mytown #melbourne
One last wall before the sunshine…
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21. July 2014

This time a year ago, July 21st 2013, a lady called Tracy Connelly was murdered in St Kilda. In the 12 months since then, another 67 women have been murdered in Australia. This is NOT acceptable. 

Women have the right to be respected and treated with dignity and courtesy regardless of their age, culture, sexual preference, vocation, faith, in fact WHATEVER category you could choose to come up with. 

There are some amazing individuals and organisations like St Kilda Gatehouse - who hosted tonight’s gathering “Still Loved”. They have made it their mission to befriend and support women, particularly those marginalised by working in the sex industry. But there will not be change to these acts of violence UNLESS there is a change in the attitudes and behaviours of the entire community. 

Here is my interview with Emily, a friend of mine who has sought to change things for the better and contribute to what she calls “The Tapestry of Restoration”.

19. July 2014

The Darkened Theatre

We watch
in the dark of the theatre
as a character dies

The lights change
shift to red 
fade out
curtains close
music stops
the air itself stills


For some their fate is declared before the story even begins
the audience knowing the outcome before the journey unfolds


The audience see the show
they know it is but illusion
And yet 
in that moment 
The illusion is believed

It isn’t real
yet the farce becomes the fact
and the loss is felt 

For both actor and audience
there can be tears
as emotions pour forth


In that world 
at that time
they accept
for that moment
that character
that person 
is dead
and gone

The suspension of disbelief.

In the real world
we are not safely tucked away in the anonymous crowd
We encounter death
often too close for comfort

And in those moments
we feel loss
the loss of seeing loved ones
even strangers
and enemies

One day even I

We do not doubt death
It is so incredibly believable

So definitive
So final

And there are so many that I long for
And I miss
And I feel my distance from them

But I cannot suspend my disbelief

They may be gone
but they are not truly gone 
Not for good

For I believe 
that one day
the crescendo will play
the noise will die down
the sky will be torn open
and space 
and matter
and time as we know it 
will peel back 
like a curtain
and this passing dark theatre world we find ourselves within 
will be bathed in glorious light

And we will know then 
what we ought to have known all along

That the ones we have loved and lost
they are never truly gone

They may not be here,
but they are there
right there

just waiting…

in the wings…


by John Englezos

Sometimes, there still aren’t enough pedals.✌️😎 #loop #muso #pedals #fx #violinist 🎻
We live in a world full of comparison. But please remember - they are not your competition, they are simply your audience.
Star and Galaxies (or “Raindrops destroying the paintwork on the car bonnet”) 🌌/🚘